Cake Tables


Cake Tables are great for having a section of various cakes and bite-size treats of different flavours and styles. All cake tables are flexible and can be created to fit in with the theme and style of your celebration. They can be served as your dessert or part of your event.


Choose from one of the templates below and also from the selection of different cake flavours and wee bites. There is something for everyone and all dietary requirements can be catered for.


Cake flavours


  • Victoria (GF & VE)
  • Lemon drizzle (GF & VE)
  • Chocolate fudge (GF & VE)
  • Spiced carrot
  • Rasp & white choc
  • Banana, choc chip & peanut butter
  • Spiced apple & salted caramel (VE)
  • Strawberry & Thyme (VE)
  • Coconut & rasp (VE)
  • Marmalade & pecan (VE)
  • Clementine (GF)
  • Sticky gingerbread (GF)
  • Coconut & lime (GF & VE)
  • Cherry bake well (GF & VE)
  • Orange & Almond (GF)
  • Nutella
  • Sticky Toffee
  • Red velvet
  • Pear & ginger


Cake table wee bites


  • Brownies (GF & VE)
  • Blondies (GF)
  • Peppermint slice (GF & VE)
  • Custard cream bars
  • Rocky road (GF)
  • Millionaire shortbread (GF & VE)
  • Empires (GF & VE)
  • Mars bar crispy
  • Oaty ginger crunch (GF)
  • Oreo tiffin (VE)
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